Our collection of racing numbers are the best choice for flexibility. Most street car owners that do HPDE track day events and autocross on weekends also drive their cars normally during the week. Our racing numbers revolve around giving the driver the ability to easily take them off when not in use.

KI Studios racing numbers meet most sanctioning body rules. The digits are 8 inches tall. Most racing organizations allow up to 3 digits for racing numbers. When you order KI Studios racing number decals you can choose a 2-digit plate (12×12″) or 3-digit plate (12″x15″). We also include a an extra smaller number plate at half the size with 4″ inch numbers for the rear. This makes the set legal with organizations such as Porsche Club of America. Then you can choose if you want standard decals, which can either stay installed indefinitely, but can only be peeled off once. The flexibility advantage comes with the choice of reusable decals or magnetic decals. The reusable decals allow you to stick them on and off multiple times. The magnetic ones last even longer and allow you to put them on and take them off many more times. Choose a flag color or KI Studios logo. Then enter your chosen racing number into the input field in the product page.

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