Do not make this mistake; many people buy a new car and think that they wont get any road rash on their car and then after their first paint chip regret not spending the money to get clear bra PPF. Its a must! Don’t think twice about it you are not that lucky and you will get paint chips. Yes its expensive but its worth every penny. You can’t tell its on your car and it works like a modern wonder. We’ve had customers hit tire chunks, take a rock to a headlight, something fly off of a truck and smash their front end on the highway only to discover the PPF took the impact and left zero damage to their brand new car. These are just some of the many stories we’ve been told. You know the way life is the more expensive the vehicle and the more you like to keep your things nice the more likely something bad will happen to it. Don’t risk it.

Installing PPF is an art form. We here at Morpheus Design take pride in our craftsmanship. We challenge ourselves with each installation to deliver the clearest, cleanest, smoothest PPF application. It does matter who does this work. Edges have to line up perfectly. Stretching has to be concise and tensions set just right for longevity and over all strength of the job to perform as brilliantly designed by the manufacturer. We only use the highest grade materials available Xpel and 3M to prevent yellowing effect after many years of sun exposure.


Lets get down to the science of PPF. The material is a 3-8mil thick mylar film with high elastic properties. The material has its own special adhesive and is unlike any normal car applied mylar or vinyl. It is very limited to what it can stretch to and its limited to what it can return to after stretching. We minimize stretching when we install the material as not to thin it out from its free standing thickness. We apply the material with a specially formulated gel that allows us to conform the material to the compound curves of the vehicle without over stretching to allow the material to lay down flat on the surface.

The surface must be prepped for install. We high speed buff polish the clear coat to remove swirl marks and create a super smooth surface for the material to bond to. Imagine on the microscopic level a flat surface with bumps and ridges and having to lay down a large area material over all of the bumps and ridges. Those bumps and ridges are literally swirl marks in your clear that you can see. When you wash your car you may not be thinking that you are actually damaging your clear coat but you are. This is why they have touch-less car washes for high end cars. No matter how good of a auto detailer you are swirl marks are inevitable. Its the worst on dark colored cars because the swirl marks prevent the clear coat from smoothly touching the under layer of dark paint. You wash your car carefully and then thinking its got to be clean you take a towel or shammy and then do some real nice damage to your clear coat. ouch!

Perfect paint needs perfect protection. The way to get perfect paint is to wash the dirt and debris off carefully then drying carefully and then high speed buffing the clear to remove the swirl scratches by micro sanding down the ridges and bumps of the swirls on the micro level.

Next we take a piece of PPF that we custom cut in our 72″ cutter machine thats programmed to cut the material to a perfect length and size taking in to consideration the just the right amount of stretch and fit. We then gel soak the area to be applied, peel the release liner of the material, apply gel to the adhesive and lay the material on the surface. We conform the material to the subject area and methodically apply pressure to seal the material to the prepared surface squeezing the gel to the edges. This creates a perfectly clear bond between the material and the vehicles surface.

So now you read this and think well man now I can do this myself sure you can. We would even sell you your first DIY cut kit but let me warn you it will be your first time and you will be needing spare pieces because its not that simple. Many customers try it themselves, discover how challenging it is, are displeased with their work and wind up paying us to remove and replace it. We’ve thrown away thousands of dollars in material because one little tiny blemish or wrong tensioning in an area and we’ve learned the art of it. Don’t get yourself in a world of financial hurt. Let a pro do the work and you do what you do best.

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