Make waves with Morpheus Design

There are a million white boats and we all want to be unique. Make your boat something that people can’t help but admire. We love boating and we love all things marine. In fact thats why we got into wrapping in the first place was to be able to have large floating canvases to showcase our art work on.

Here are the benefits to wrapping your boat.
1: Your gel coat will be preserved in the state it is when we wrap the boat.
2: Cleaning is much easier for the long term.
3. Sun protection
4. Docking protection, now you have an extra layer just in case you rub up against the dock.
5. A unique look that sets your boat apart.

Now back to informing you. This stuff does not come off unless you intentionally want to remove it. We apply a bonding agent and seal all the edges to protect our wrap from the sea. There are no size limits when it comes to wrapping boats. We can wrap a dingy to a cruise ship.

Wave and stares


Plan Your Boat Wrap

Rome wasn’t built in a day so “they” say. Your boat wrap shouldn’t be a rush job unless we have a competition to win and Morpheus Design has to shine through the darkening hours. We can deliver!

We recommend planning ahead. From start to finish you’re looking at about 7-14 days depending on how long the design takes to create and how large the boat is. It takes roughly 6-8 hours to print a 22 foot boat per side. We like to use a minimum of 12 pass printing. What does that mean? Glad you asked. Our printers have tiny ink jets (spray nozzles) that spray heated pressurized mixed ink in a nozzle pattern of 64 nozzles per pass. We like to use solvent ink which means the ink is a liquid substance. We find this works best for boats and cars as the media can conform to challenging contours without damaging the painted artwork when our Morpheus Wrap Masters manipulate the media to take the shape its being mounted to. The inkjet spray now passes the same section 12 times to complete the image being printed. This gives nice textures to scales and eyes and other cool areas of artwork that give your design that standout difference.
After the the prints have been made they need to cure for 24 hrs prior to being put through lamination. Lamination gives us the protection from the elements and protects the artwork from solar damage. Lamination is an art in and of itself. You can have your beautifully long printed 12 pass piece of art which took all that time to manufacture half way through the laminator and suddenly disaster can strike unknowingly with a slight change in tension a ripple or a bubble and the whole thing is now a sample to hang on the wall. add sad face…

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