Commercial Wraps Promote Your Business
There are few strategies more effective than using everyday vehicles to advertise your business. That is the goal of commercial wraps.

The concept is to have graphics designed to fit your branding and company image. Once the design is complete, the chosen vehicle or vehicles are wrapped with the graphics. The result is mobile advertising that happens while you or your employees do what you already do, drive.

Here are some good ideas for commercial wraps:

  • Fleet sales vehicles
  • Service trucks and pickup trucks
  • Service cars
  • Courtesy loaner cars and rentals
  • Enclosed trailers
  • Show cars, exotics and luxury vehicles
  • Food trucks
  • Tanker trucks

Having your commercial vehicles wrapped is the next logical progression to buying fleet vehicles in the first place. A commercial car or truck is already a substantial investment, might as well make the most of it.

At Morpheus Design our customer is always right well not always but most of the time. We do have to agree with you its your company but sometimes you have to trust us. We see these projects a lot and we know what prints out nice and what doesn’t. I think of what Steve Jobs used to say “people don’t know what they want, you have to show them.”

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That’s why here at Morpheus Design we take design very serious. It is so much easier when you come to us with an idea of what you are looking for but more often than not our customers are just hoping for us to magically manufacture their dream without telling us a word.

So we go to our design pool. We pull out what details we can and then we collaborate with our Design Team to come up with some awesome options to choose from.

Commercial Vehicles

A commercially wrapped vehicle helps legitimize your business. Let’s assume you have a small business or you run a one-man service. Meaning, you have just one vehicle in your fleet answering house calls for handyman work or plumbing.

Which do you think customers would be more comfortable receiving at their homes? A plain white suspicious-looking panel van or an eye-catching commercial van with graphics, company logo, phone number and relevant promoting details?

That’s a no-brainer. The commercially wrapped vehicle will win every single time.

Imagine if FEDEX was delivering packages in unmarked white vans.
Would anyone open their doors to them? You don’t have to be a large business. The rules are the same.

Customers will feel a lot more comfortable doing business with a person or company that sends out all the right signals of legitimacy and professionalism. If your price is right and you look more professional than the next guy, you win.

Large Fleets

There is a reason large corporations use commercial wraps for their service, sales and delivery fleets. Commercial wraps work!

The advertising wrap doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated. Some of the most effective ones are simple. Think UPS brown delivery trucks, Amazon delivery vans and Direct TV service vans. Simple, yet effective.

Other well-known wraps from large fleets are quite more elaborate. Some of these brands include the likes of Bud Light and UHAUL. Then there are those in between, like SERVPRO, whose vehicles are fully wrapped and have text throughout, but don’t do the big and embellished full color designs.

These big brands know how effective commercial wraps are for their companies’ bottom lines. However, you don’t have to be a big business to benefit in much the same way. You can do the same thing, only scaled down. Instead of 100 commercially wrapped fleet vehicles, you could do just 10, or just 1. The benefits are the same, just the scale is different.

There is no question as to the effectiveness of commercial wraps. Your commercial vehicles are already driving around town showing nothing more than a nice coat of whatever paint color you chose when you bought them. Make your vehicle dual purpose today. A service vehicle and an advertising machine, in one. Have your investment dollars work harder. Have your commercial truck, van, SUV or car designed and wrapped today.

Get your commercial vehicle wrapped today!

At Morpheus Design we work with you to create a compelling commercial wrap design that attracts attention. That way, you don’t have to worry about the design part, or any other part of the process for that matter. Once designed, we have the equipment and experience to make it happen. We print all commercial wrap designs in-house, no matter how big. Then our team of wrap experts goes to work to have your wrap installed in no time.

If you’ve come this far and want to talk further fill out the contact card below and one of Morpheus Designers will contact you whenever you like. Fill out the form and add your direct phone number in the message field with instructions of when is best to call.

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