Insanely beautiful Car Wraps by– Morpheus Design

Car wraps are a very important part of our business. Unsurprisingly, color changes are extremely popular in our range of services followed closely by printed wraps and commercial wraps. See what sets Morpheus Design Car Wraps apart…

Morpheus Design is your premier car wrap design and installation center.

Morpheus Design is the premier car wrap shop. We stock hundreds of car wrap colors and finishes. We use only the highest quality, highest performing, cast vinyl materials by reputable brands like 3M, Avery Dennison, Hexis and Oracal. If you can’t find the color you want in our suppliers’ color books, we will print it!

At Morpheus Design car wraps, Boynton Beach facility we take pride in our quality and craftsmanship. Our long list of happy customers is a direct result of our experience and long track record of successful projects. When it comes to trusting us with your pride and joy, you can rest assured that we will exceed your expectations. There are many newcomers in this industry. This makes for many wrap shops and many installers with very little experience. If you love your car you will prefer to leave it in the hands of someone with the right experience to guarantee the best results.
Not all wraps are equal. Paint is the standard in which we compare our craftsmanship to. When you are wanting people who see your vehicle to ask is that paint? then your choice is clearly Morpheus Design.

Car Wraps – The best way to change your vehicle’s appearance

A car wrap is essentially a non-permanent way to change your car appearance. We say non-permanent because its completely removable unlike a new paint job. Yes, a car wrap that’s well taken care of will last many years, but even so it’s not considered permanent. The top brands adhesives are designed to be removed without harming the surface that its bonded to. Unlike paint, a vinyl car wrap will not permanently change the finish of your vehicle. That is the biggest benefit of wrapping your car. You can let your imagination run wild while knowing full well you can always go back to stock and protecting your car’s value while preserving the vehicles paint as it was completely protected from the elements by the vinyl wrap.

Car Wrap Options

Let’s look at the car wrap options available to our customers.
There are generally three types of vehicle wraps. Each type has a different purpose as well as different requirements for the end result. Let’s look at those different options to help you decide which is best for the look you’re after.

1. Color Change Car Wraps

This is the most popular type of car wrap that we do here at Morpheus Design. It is also the most cost-effective as far as wrapping an entire car goes. A color change wrap is the best way to change the look of your car with any color imaginable. The thing is that for the most part, this will be one solid color. Yes, you can add decals and stripes and such, but generally speaking, a color change wrap is one solid color. In this picture above you see a Lambo Gallardo wrapped in baby blue with carbon fiber accents to make it pop.

The color you want will determine the brand of car vinyl used – as color gamuts vary slightly from brand to brand. We use the very best car vinyl brands in the world. In brief, the only thing you have to worry about is picking out a color. We’ll take care of making sure you get the very best product available.

As mentioned, these types of wraps are usually a single color. That said, you can also choose a finish, gloss vinyl or matte vinyl if available in your chosen color. At Morpheus Design we have done every type of color change wrap known. We can provide you the service of a straightforward color change or even take it as far as you want. For example, we can wrap the door jambs and other hidden areas to give an appearance more close to factory paint. Layering stripes over the color change wrap. Printing a section of the wrap. You name it. Which brings us to…

2. Printed Car Wraps

Printed car wraps are getting more and more popular these days. Only select shops like Morpheus Design possess the equipment and knowledge to execute them properly. This type of vehicle wrap allows you to have any number of colors, design and text for your vehicle’s wrap. Because printed wraps add such possibilities, they are very popular as commercial wraps for cars, trucks and vans. Not every printed wrap is commercial. We have many clients that want intricate designs that can only be achieved with full-color printing.

Remember, not all prints are created equal. Morpheus Design Car Wraps printed car wraps are bright and full of life. This is because we use the very best equipment on the market from Mutoh, Roland and Graphtec. For protection and durability, we laminate our printed-vinyl before installing it. We print wraps for everything from cars, to vans, trailers, trucks, food trucks and more. Printed wraps are also very popular for race cars…

3. Race Car Liveries

Race cars are known for their uniquely colorful designs that help each car stand out at the race track. Oftentimes, these race car designs are referred to as liveries – or racing livery. Race cars also have sponsors, who’s logos need to be prominently displayed on them. Printed wraps are very common on race cars as it’s the most efficient way of creating such intricate designs, often with many colors and many logos.

Due to the fact that things change so fast in race teams, layering graphics over a wrap or over paint is very common. For this reason, many race car liveries use a combination of a printed wrap with layered decals. At Morpheus Design we can help your race car project or race team look their best with a custom-designed and installed racing livery. After all, you don’t want so much work and effort in your racing to go unnoticed because of a bland-looking car.

The design part is extremely important. Oftentimes someone has an idea for a race car livery design, yet the way it’s imagined ends up not transferring well to real life. It takes a very experienced and keen eye to make a design work for a car. Just because it looks good on paper or in your head doesn’t mean it will transfer properly to a car body.

At Morpheus Design we can help you achieve the look that you want. By using our design experience coupled with your idea for a design, we can create a wrap that will be impossible to ignore or forget.

Paint Protection Film

Clear bra as some call it and clear Paint Protection Film as we call it in the industry can be considered a car wrap, specially if used to wrap the entire car. Oftentimes, to avoid showing the edges of a partial clear bra, a car can be wrapped entirely in PPF. Also, if we use a matte paint protection film such as Xpel Stealth, the clear bra gives the impression of a vinyl wrap color change. This is because you can now take gloss paint and make it look matte. However, because PPF and clear paint protection films are different enough from your standard car wrap, we have given it it’s own department. Every race car you see depicted above is wrapped and then on top of the wrap is covered in Xpel PPF to protect not only the car but also the insanely beautiful Morpheus Design wrap.

When you take delivery of your new vehicle the first thing you must do is PPF the front end at minimum. Don’t wait until after the first paint chip you’ll thank yourself if you take heed to this suggestion.

No more swirl marks in your paint! Wash your car however you like and if you scratch the material it has self healing properties its amazing!!!

Proper decisions about dismantling before wrapping

Most of the time, car body panels do not need to be dismantled in order to wrap them. In most case, only the wheels need to come off to better access the panels around them. Very few cars and very few wrap projects require any sort of dismantling. When we do need to do some dismantling, we’ll hire a professional dismantler experienced in the brand and model of the car. This is the norm for high end vehicles such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.

One good example is the Lamborghini Aventador, which we have wrapped quite a few of. For full color changes, these cars require a bit of dismantling in order to tuck the vinyl deep enough to hide the original color. Every time, we utilize a professional tech who specializes in the brand to perform the disassembly and reassembly of integral areas.

When wrapping around bumpers and inside door jambs, we use Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and even Bugatti certified technicians for removing and assembling body panels. This assures that your car leaves in the same condition it arrived, with a wrap that is going to last, with fully wrapped edges.

Don’t be fooled by rookie installers with the misleading claim to fame of completely taking your car apart to wrap it. More often than not this is completely unnecessary.

Vehicle Wrap Design & Print – International
Vehicle wrap design services available to customers around the world.

If you are not in Palm Beach county, we can still design, print and ship a vehicle wrap kit to our preferred local installer. We will work directly with you to get the design you desire mocked up for your vehicle. All of our design and printing is done in-house. Morpheus Design has been designing vehicle wraps for over 15 years, and is backed by degrees in art, graphic design, and marketing from Palm Beach University and University of central Florida.

Once you are happy with your car wrap design, we will ship the printed product to you for our preferred local installer to do the labor per our instructions and oversight. This program allows any car enthusiast in the world to get a custom Morpheus Design printed wrap design without having to be in Boynton Beach Florida.

One Place, Hundreds of Colors

At Morpheus Design, our specialty is and has always been, performance luxury vehicles and exotics. Our customers trust us with with their prized, and oftentimes priceless, automobiles. In our years in this business we have had the opportunity to work on some of the world’s most unique and amazing cars. The results are a wide gamut of designs, eye-catching colors and unique looking performance vehicles that are impossible to ignore.

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How to plan my wrap

OK so you’ve read this far and now you want a Morpheus Design on your vehicle. Once you’ve chosen the type of wrap you want for your vehicle we can guide you through the entire experience and its quiet an exhilarating experience to morph your car with a Morpheus Design. If you haven’t been able to choose thats ok too we can help figure out what you’re trying to accomplish. We get that a lot. Our customers trust our artistic eye to help them come up with the look they didn’t even know they wanted but really really want. We know that sounds confusing but thats often how it works. You want something amazing, something different, something that makes your car brand new, exciting all over again and something you can show off and we completely get you!

Lets break it down in steps;

The process of actually applying the wrap to a vehicle is 1-5 days depending on the difficulty and the amount of disassembly, prep, wrap and reassembly. This depends on the vehicle type and complexity. So this detail we will have to tell you when you tell us what model we are working with. Lets say we are using a Porsche 911 which is one of our favorites.

Customer wants to change the car from a plain white canvas to Satin Black a very beautiful look in the customers opinion.

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